Palermo historical districts tour

Palermo old districts tour: a charming walk through Loggia and Kalsa districts

Palermo Districts Tour with local guide will let you uncover a part of the historic town center with some  charming neighborhoods, often left out by those  who visit Palermo only for a few days.

An interesting itinerary through two ancient districts: Loggia, which, in the middle age was the preferred residential area of merchants; and Kalsa, which developed during the Islamic domination.

A pleasant guided walking tour from Piazza San Domenico, scenographic backdrop square for the Church of San Domenico (one of the largest and most important in the city) to Piazza Marina; discovering the differences between past and present.

Through interweaving alleys, we’ll reach the heart of the Vucciria. Born as an open-air market where  animals were slaughtered and meats sold, “Vucciria” was one of the most important food markets in Palermo.  Over the centuries it has undergone several transformations and despite its glorious past, has suffered the gradual impoverishment of its original role, becoming since the 2000s center of the city nightlife.

Our walking guided tour continues strolling  along the mandamentoTribunali” enjoying beautiful squares: from Piazza San Francesco to Piazza Magione, named after the church of SS. Trinità, also known as Magione.

Once we reach  the ancient medieval Kalsa district (the Arabic Al-Halisah, meaning the “elect”, the “pure”), we’ll visit one of Palermo’s most evocative open air sites: “Spasimo” -Church of Santa Maria dello Spasimo – (temporarily closed).

The walking tour will end in Piazza Marina; one of the most beautiful and largest squares in Palermo. Piazza Marina was often used for public feasts and celebrations as well as for public executions. Surrounded by remarkable buildings, including the famous Palazzo Chiaramonte also known as “Steri”, the center of the Piazza is adorned with a charming garden, Giardino Garibaldi. Very interesting are the impressive Ficus Macrophylla, commonly known as Moreton Bay fig tree or Australian banyan tree with long aerial roots, one of which is now reputed to be amongst the largest in Europe.

Meeting point

Piazza San Domenico

Tour itinerary

“Vucciria”, Piazza San Francesco d’Assisi, Piazza Croce Dei Vespri, Piazza Rivoluzione, Piazza Magione, Lo “Spasimo”, Via Alloro, Piazza Marina.

Tour duration

3 hours

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