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3 hours Palermo walking tour

Travelling to Palermo for the first time? Looking for Palermo guided walking tours? Then look no more! Here is the best one for you.

3 hour walking tour of Palermo with private tour guide will let you discover the most famous attractions of Palermo’s historic city center, one of the largest of Europe.  You will stroll through the long history of the eclectic and multicultural Palermo; see the tangible traces left by different populations; traditions and customs that have made Palermo a city of surprising beauty. Admire baroque churches and domes; neoclassical buildings and historic markets. A city rich in ancient history, art, legends and intriguing stories; I will lead you through the most famous streets and squares of the old town, uncovering hidden winding alleys, too.

Walking tour Palermo: the sites

During the walking tour of Palermo the impressive Teatro Massimo will enchant you; going on Via Maqueda, a very attractive road opened in 1600, walking through a pedestrian long street until we reach the Quattro Canti (four corners).

Just a few more steps and you’ll find yourself in Piazza Pretoria, with  the Pretoria Fountain, also known as the Fountain of Shame; Piazza Bellini, one of the most charming squares in town. Here are the Churches of San Cataldo e Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio also known as la Martorana, notable examples from the Norman age; witnesses of Palermo’s ancient splendors when in the XII century it was the Capital of the Norman kingdom of Sicily.

Time for a sweet break? At the Bakery Shop – Dolceria – of the Monastery of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, former Dominican monastery, you will taste such delicacies as cannoli and almond pastries produced today just like they were centuries ago. You will be amazed by the impressive and magnificent Cathedral of which we will visit the interiors.

Narrow streets and alleys will lead you to the old Capo Historic Market.  Here you will experience local life, strolling among the stalls full of fruit, vegetables, an amazing array of dried fruits, spices, fish and meat. A blend of vibrant colours and fragrances create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Meeting point

Piazza Giuseppe Verdi

Tour itinerary

Teatro Massimo, “Quattro Canti”, Piazza Pretoria, Piazza Bellini, Santa Caterina Bakery (Dolceria), the Cathedral, Capo Market.

Tour duration

3 hours

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