Palermo markets and street food

Palermo markets tour

Do you want to “immerse” yourself in our historic markets and experience them firsthand? Do you want to discover the flavors of our tradition and the street food of Palermo? Are you curious to know the ancient origins of some of our typical dishes?

The tour of the Historical Markets of Palermo will allow you to explore the markets of Ballarò and Capo. A 3 hour walking tour of Palermo; I will take you through an itinerary that, before reaching the maze of narrow streets that characterize the districts of the Markets, will also give you the opportunity to admire buildings, streets and charming squares (Teatro Massimo, Via Maqueda and the “Quattro Canti”).

So get ready to live a day as the locals do in Palermo and share with me this experience: you will discover another face of Palermo, a city that manages to convey its history through the markets.
A playful adventure: lunch or snack, remember that at the market, street food is always “strictly” eaten with your hands. But don’t worry, during our tour I will show you how we eat our street food.

You’ll see what a magical “mixture” of smells and colours the  Markets of Palermo are, a journey into the past. Sometimes strong flavors but processed with simplicity.

Palermo markets: Ballarò and Capo

Welcome to Ballarò open-air market! Colors, abbaniate (vendors yelling their goods), smoke of grilled food, peeled prickly pears, spices, calia (chickpeas) and seeds and popular food welcome you with joy.

Ballarò is a market of Saracen origin that even today resembles a Middle Eastern souk. A place that lives and has evolved and expanded over time, occupying part of the ancient district of Albergheria; an ever changing multi-ethnic area. You will find that, by popular tradition, nothing goes to waste here. Thanks to street food, in the markets survive ancient dishes such as stigghiola (entrails of kid, lamb or veal) cooked on the grill or in the boiled version quarume and  the panino with the spleen.

The markets tour will also lead you to the Capo open-air market, another market of great charm. The visit will be fascinating thanks to the presence of monuments often hidden or otherwise not easily visible and perhaps for this reason even more fascinating.

Even the Capo will conquer you with its street food. No fear for vegetarians or for those who do not want to deal with somewhat “strong” flavors. Our street food will offer you some excellent and tasty alternatives, such as the Sicilian Pizza also known as Sfincione, the sandwich with the panelle (chickpea fritters), the crocchè (potato croquettes), the famous arancine (rice balls)  and much more.
The Capo will also captivate you with its varied display of meat, fish and vegetables. It will be a riot of colors, the colors of Sicily and Palermo.

Meeting point

Piazza Giuseppe Verdi

Tour itinerary

Teatro Massimo, Capo Market, Via Maqueda, “Quattro Canti”, Ballarò Market.

Tour duration

3 hours

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